Splendid Hokkaido cuisine creates
a memorable experience for guests.


Grilled dishes with the rich aroma and flavor of high-grade charcoal

Serving selected seasonal local food from the sea and the earth.
The deliciousness of seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido is brought to the fore
as the chefs enthusiastically grill food in front of guests, like a form of performance art.


Sumptuous French cuisine
adds color to the celebration.

Artistic Forest French dishes are full of local flavors from Iburi, Hidaka and elsewhere in Hokkaido.
Made with colorful ingredients, the dishes created by our chefs are truly gastronomical delights.
High-class hospitality leaves a lasting impression, helping to create a delightful taste sensation.


An impressive wedding cake adds color to the reception.

The wedding cake and desserts convey the gratitude of the couple.
Nidom’s patissier creates sweet treats in celebration of the wedding.
Consult with the patissier to make a unique cake for your special occasion.


Sweets gifts serve to convey the gratitude of the couple
and to share their excitement.

Sweet gifts are available to convey the gratitude of the couple to guests attending the reception.
Nidom’s patissier carefully makes each sweet using fresh ingredients from Hokkaido.


Producer, master chefs, patissier

Seasonal food like art

  • Makoto Okamoto
    Culinary producer

    The Japanese cuisine is overseen by Makoto Okamoto, the chef of La Bombance in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo.
    His skill adapting French techniques to Japanese cuisine and artistic arrangement of food is guaranteed to impress.

  • Taku Namigishi
    Executive chef and Japanese cuisine master chef

    Born in Kushiro. After training in Kyoto and working as a chef at a hotel in Hokkaido, he took up the post of executive chef at Nidom in 2014.
    He always imagines guests’ excitement and delight as he seeks to create satisfying flavors.

  • Satoshi Miura
    French cuisine master chef

    Born in Kuriyama town, Hokkaido. Learned French cuisine in France. After working at a number of famous restaurants in Japan, he started his new career at the Nidom in 2019.
    He values the natural flavor of ingredients and works on creating nouvelle cuisine.

  • Katsuyoshi Yamaguchi
    Chef patissier

    Born in Tokyo. After training at a famous hotel in Yokohama and working at hotels in Hakodate and Sapporo, he took up the post of chef patissier at Nidom in 2018. He creates original sweets using ingredients from Hokkaido.

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