Hotel Information

Stay Plan

Our accommodations allow guests to rest and relax in authentic log cottages built of polar pine from Finland’s arctic Lapland region.

■Check in: 14:00  Check out: 11:00

  • ◎Squirrel Forest Cottage – 13 forest cottages each accommodate up to four guests in two twin bedrooms (four single-sized beds). (110㎡)
  • ◎Squirrel Forest Cottage – 10 lakeside cottages each accommodate up to four guests, featuring king sized beds: one twin bedroom (two single-sized beds), and one king bedroom (one king-sized bed). (110㎡)
  • ◎Eagle’s Nest Cottage – This large cottage features a central living room, and can accommodate up to 12 guests in its six twin bedrooms (12 single-sized beds). (325㎡)
  • ◎Eagle’s Nest Cottage – Three large cottages feature central party rooms, and each accommodates up to eight guests in three twin bedrooms (six single-sized beds) and one king bedroom (one king-sized bed). (325㎡)*There are no sofa-style chairs in the party rooms.

Bed & Breakfast Plans

These accommodation plans include a healthy French or Japanese-style breakfast.

Breakfast (Restaurant Ninkur)

We provide local ingredients from Hokkaido, carefully selecting only the finest growers in the best locations.
Our health-conscious French and Japanese-style meals are grounded in our values of beauty and health, featuring only the finest seafood and other ingredients, chosen to allow our guests to experience the richness of each season. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of food safety and quality.

Golf & Accommodation Plans

Enjoy one of the greatest forest golf courses in Japan at a special rate with these golf, accommodation, and breakfast package plans.


Restaurant Ninkur (All Seasons)

Ninkur offers traditional Japanese kaiseki and full-course French meals, featuring rich and colorful presentations of seasonal ingredients focused around local Hokkaido specialties, including Hokkaido-grown beef, local seafood, and produce sent directly from growers.

Nidom Jingisukan (Inside the Clubhouse Restaurant)

This restaurant is open during the same period as the golf course.

Guests can enjoy premium Suffolk mutton from Shibetsu, where some of Hokkaido’s best sheep are raised, grilled over real charcoal fires and seasoned with the Nidom’s proprietary jingisukan sauce.

*Service available for competitions. (Reservations required, up to 36 persons.)

(Seasonal) Japanese Grill Kin Kin Tei  *Open Seasonally

This traditional Robatayaki restaurant offers the best cuisine Hokkaido has to offer – the finest locally sourced items including kinki fish prepared in the ichiyaboshi style, king crab, seasonal vegetables, and more, expertly grilled over a bed of authentic binchōtan charcoal.

Restaurant name  place number of seats open
Ninkur Main building 80 Breakfast 7:00〜10:00
Lunch  11:30〜15:30
Dinner 17:30〜21:30
Club house restaurant Club house 80 Breakfast  6:00〜 10:00
Grand menu 10:00〜close
Nidom jingiskan Club house inside 28/ terrace 6 10:00~20:30

Robata Kinkin tei Other building  70 17:30〜21:30

*Restaurants subject to closure without warning.
*Please contact us with any specific requests including budget, number of guests, and timing.
*Operating hours vary by season.
*Last call for orders is 30 minutes before closing.
*Room service to cottages available upon request. (7:00 am – 9:30 pm)
*Available menu items change based on time of day.
*We ask hotel guests who plan to visit our restaurants to contact us in advance for information.


Niharu (Main Building, 1st Floor・300㎡)

Seating Capacity Dinner 160 people
Buffet 180 people
School style 180 people
Theater 200 people
Room charge Party(2hours) JPY 242,000
Meeting/Exhibition(3hours) JPY 363,000
Meeting/Exhibition(6hours) JPY 726,000
Meeting/Exhibition(1day) JPY 1,210,000

Restaurant Ninkur (Main Building, 1st Floor・272㎡)

Seating Capacity Dinner 80 people-
Buffet 130 people
School style -
Theater -
Room charge Party(2hours) JPY
Meeting/Exhibition(3hours) ¥JPY 193,600
Meeting/Exhibition(6hours) JPY
Meeting/Exhibition(1day) JPY 665,500

Konkanipe (Main Building, 2nd Floor・100㎡)

Seating Capacity Dinner 40 people
Buffet 50people
School style 50people
Theater 60people
Room charge Party(2hours) JPY
Meeting/Exhibition(3hours) JPY 181,500
Meeting/Exhibition(6hours) JPY 363,000
Meeting/Exhibition(1day) JPY 605,000

Topeni (First Floor Basement・110㎡)

Seating Capacity Dinner 50 people
Buffet 50 people
School style 50 people
Theater 60 people
Room charge Party(2hours) JPY 60,500
Meeting/Exhibition(3hours) JPY 121,000
Meeting/Exhibition(6hours) JPY 242,000
Meeting/Exhibition(1day) JPY 484,000

Shirokanipe (Main Building, 2nd Floor・Tatami 45㎡)

Seating Capacity                                              Dinner 20 people
School style
Room charge Party(2hours) JPY ¥33,880
Meeting/Exhibition(3hours) JPY
Meeting/Exhibition(6hours) JPY 145,200
Meeting/Exhibition(1day) JPY 242,000


Tokisata (Main Building, 1st Floor・Tatami 22㎡)

Seating Capacity                                              Dinner 10 people
Buffet -
School style -
Theater -

Room charge
Party (2hours) JPY 30,250
Meeting/Exhibition(3hours) JPY 36,300
Meeting/Exhibition(6hours) JPY 72,600
Meeting/Exhibition(1day) JPY 121,000
*All prices shown include consumption tax and service fees.
*For banquets held in Eagle’s Nest cottages, please check accommodation fees.
*An additional fee of JPY 36,300 will be added for use of the Garden Terrace at an Eagle’s Nest cottage.
*Some equipment, food items, and drinks are not included in the prices above.

Banquet Food & Beverages

Special Buffet JPY 18,150 and up, Charcoal Barbecue JPY 24,200 and up, French  JPY 16,940 and up
Beverages (2 hours of unlimited drinks)  JPY 4,840 and up
(beer, whiskey, sake, shochu, wine (red and white), cocktails (2 varieties), orange juice, oolong tea, cola)

*All prices shown are for one guest, and include consumption tax and service fees.

*Adjustments can be made to fit budget requests. Please contact us for more information.

*The Special Buffet course is limited to parties of 10 or more.


Projectors JPY 38,500 and up
Screens JPY 5,500 and up
Tabletop Flower Arrangements (per table) JPY 3,300 and up

*All prices shown include consumption tax.
*We offer a variety of other services and equipment. Please contact us for details.

Nidom Shop


The Nidom shop offers a variety of stylish golf wear, as well as our own original sweets and specially selected gifts from around Hokkaido.


Surrounded by deep forests, our onsen is a 100% natural hot spring. Its mildly alkaline waters promote beauty, relaxation, and good blood circulation. We also have a Finnish-style sauna.


The Nidom offers a variety of activities hosted in the forest surrounding the hotel.
We hope you will enjoy your visit to Hokkaido’s forest wonderland.

Renard Bernstein Memorial Room

This memorial commemorates Leonard Bernstein, world-renowned composer of the musical West Side Story, and the time he spent at the Nidom Villa.
Guests can view a variety of Bernstein memorabilia, including an autograph written in his own hand.



Golf Play Fee

Walking Golf, with Caddie (Nispa Course ) 4 bags

Rates per Person for Single Rounds (18 holes)

March – May, October – December  June – September
Weekdays JPY 25,000 Weekdays JPY 28,000
Weekends & Holidays JPY 35,000 Weekends & Holidays JPY 38,000

■The rates above include green fees, misc. fees, caddie’s fees, golf facilities taxes, and deposits.

※Additional charges apply for groups smaller than four: JPY 3,300 per person for two players, and JPY 1,430 per person for three players.

*Carts may not be available due to adverse course conditions, including foul weather.

Rates for Additional Half Rounds Weekday JPY11,000 weekend/holiday JPY 13,200

*Additional charges apply for groups smaller than four: ¥3,300 per person for two players, and ¥1,100 per person for three players.

No Caddie, Cart Included (Ikoro Course) 4 bags

Rates per Person for Single Rounds (18 holes)

march-May, october-december june-september
weekday JPY 17,000 weekday JPY 19,000
weekend/holiday JPY 27,000 weekend/holiday JPY 29,000

■The rates above include green fees, misc. fees, cart fees, golf facilities taxes, and deposits.

Rates for Additional Half Rounds weekday JPY7,700 WEEKEND/holiday JPY 9,900

*Additional charges apply for groups smaller than four: ¥1,650 per person for two players, and ¥825 per person for three players.

■All prices are shown for one guest and include consumption tax.
■Guests are asked to refrain from using shoes with metal spikes.

◎Locker Fee JPY 550
◎Practice Range (The practice range has its own parking area.)
The practice range features 20 stations with target greens of up to 280 yards, an approach green, and a bunker area. 

25 balls (one-time ticket) JPY 330

*Natural grass stations are available from June to September.

◎Rentals (Mens & Ladies)
Club  JPY 8,800 / JPY 11,000  Shoes JPY 2,200
◎Competition Rooms
We have competition rooms available for post-play events.
Competition Room Rates (3 rooms, groups of up to 108) JPY 33,000 - JPY99,000
VIP Room Rate (groups of up to 16) JPY 55,000

■Reservations are required. Use is subject to separate terms and conditions. Please contact us for details.

*All prices shown include consumption tax.

Our top caddies provide the highest level of support to give you the best possible round.

[S-Caddie Premium Service]

We recommend our premium S-Caddie service to guests who need the highest quality of service and skill for important business events, or those serious golfers who want to pursue the highest score possible.
These veteran caddies have intimate knowledge of our courses, and pay careful attention to detail, providing the quality of support that our guests expect and deserve.

■S-Caddie Service Rates  JPY 1,650 per guest

*Guests cannot select specific caddies.。

Starting Time

Nispa Course

Day of week morning afternoon
♦︎March 20th  – May 6th  All days 7:28〜10:58
March 5th - 17th            Weekday/Holiday 7:28〜9:27 11:58〜13:29
7:00〜8:59 11:30〜13:29
August 21th  – September 10th  Weekday 7:28〜9:27 11:58〜13:01
Weekend/Holiday 7:00〜8:59 11:30〜12:33
♦︎September 11th  – November 2nd  Weekday 7:28〜10:58
♦︎September 16th  – September 24th Weekend/Holiday 7:00〜10:30
♦︎September30rd  – November 3rd Weekday/Holiday 7:00〜10:09
♦︎November 4th  – December 10th  All days 7:28〜10:09

Ikoro Course 

Period day of week morning afternoon
♦︎March 18th – May 7th  All days 7:28〜10:58
May 20th  – August 20rd  Weekday 7:28〜9:27 11:58〜13:29
Weekend/Holiday 7:00〜8:59 11:30〜13:29
August 21th – September 15th Weekday 7:28〜9:27 11:58〜13:01
Weekend/Holiday 7:00〜8:59 11:30〜12:33
♦︎September 19th  – November 2rd (Tue., Holiday) Weekend 7:28〜10:58 
♦︎November 4th (Wed.) – December 13th (Sun.) All days 7:28〜10:16

*Please contact us for information about afternoon starting times during periods marked with ♦︎.
*Schedules sometimes include a short break after the front nine. Please confirm when making reservations. 
*The times shown above may be changed for competitions and events.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Fees (All Dates) *Applies to Golf & Hotel Guests

Individuals (Hotel: 14 or fewer guests, Golf: 3 or fewer groups)

30 to 15 days in advance 50%
14 to 2 days in advance 80%
1 day in advance, same day 100%

Groups (Hotel: 15 or more guests, Golf: 4 or more groups)

59 to 30 days in advance 50%
29 to 14 days in advance 70%
13 to 2 days in advance 80%
1 day in advance, same day 100%

*Depending on the details of a reservation, we may require golfing and competition fees to be paid in advance.

*For reservations covering multiple days, in the event of a cancellation of one or more days, we will collect cancellation fees at the rates shown above for all of the cancelled days.