Pristine Beauty

『If you are searching for a resort where body and mind can be rejuvenated by the power of nature...』

The Nidom was created to be just such a place.
Surrounded by the lush wilderness of Hokkaido, this idyllic international resort is the perfect place for guests to experience the wonderful coexistence
between humans and nature as they are refreshed and replenished.

Natural Sanctuary

The Nidom is only about 15 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport.
After exiting the expressway, the road soon enters a verdant forest. This is the gateway to the Nidom.
In the Ainu language, nidom means “abundant forest”.
The gently sloping foothills of Mt. Tarumae are covered in a rich forest of over 1,200 acres, where Ezo spruce, Japanese larch, mizunara oak, and a variety of other trees provide a home for wildlife including Hokkaido red squirrels, Ezo red foxes, and Ezo sika deer.
The Nidom is blessed with the riches of its natural surroundings.

A Place for Lovers


Golfing in Pristine Wilderness

One of the charms that keeps guests coming back to the Nidom is our forested golf course.
This couple decided to celebrate her birthday at the Nidom because she loves golf.
They boarded a plane in the morning, and arrived in time to play a round at the Nidom Classic Course, which is located on the hotel grounds.
The Nidom Classic Course is one of the premier forest golf courses in Japan, and is laid out in our own abundant forest.
This sweeping course has hosted many tournaments, and offers a full array of golfing amenities for all visitors, including course management, shot accuracy, distance, trajectory height, and more.


Relax in a Cottage in the Forest

After the golf game, they check into the hotel, and take a breather in their cottage.
The authentic Finnish-made log houses that dot the forest are spacious, two-story structures with plenty of rooms to explore.
The large living room on the second floor is the perfect place to rest and relax.
The balcony and terrace provide a broad view of Lake Tomtom and the surrounding forest. From morning to evening, this brilliant view soothes the soul.


Breakfast on the Cabin’s Terrace

The next morning, they share breakfast on their cabin’s terrace, drinking in the fresh air and the morning light sparkling on the surface of Lake Tomtom.
The gentle breeze and pure water rejuvenate body and mind.
Breakfast features homemade vegetable juice, bread baked with natural yeast, and organic vegetables grown under special agreements with the producers – the perfect way to start an energetic day.
Today, they decide to take on the 27-hole Ikoro course.


Cycling Through the Forest 

This is their chance to wander down a forest path and enjoy the richness of Hokkaido’s natural beauty.They rent bicycles and go for a leisurely ride through the forest greenery.
The stress of everyday life seems to melt away as they pedal through the verdant scenery, the air made fresh and clear by the Ezo spruce, Japanese larch, mizunara oak, and the many other trees growing in the forest.

Activities on the Hotel Grounds

In addition to the golf courses, there is a wide array of activities available within the hotel grounds.
Guests can enjoy a hike around Lake Tomtom, or take in the dazzling assortment of flowers in our flower garden during the warmer months.
One of the Nidom’s unique attractions is our Leonard Bernstein Memorial Room.
Bernstein was one of the great conductors of the 20th Century, and is known as the composer of the musical West Side Story. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the experience that he had when he stayed at the Nidom.

Someday, this might be the place...

They decided to visit one of the two chapels on the grounds, the Stone Chapel.
Built of Aji granite, a material much loved by the world-renowned artist Isamu Noguchi, the Stone Chapel has a style reminiscent of a European church.
At the end of the long aisle, the altar is beautifully illuminated with soft natural light.
The chapel blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings – exactly the sort of place that she likes. They may find themselves here again someday...

レストラン ニンクルでのお祝い

Fine Dining at Ninkur

They celebrate her birthday bathed in the soft afternoon light at Ninkur, one of the premier restaurants at the Nidom.
They start with a champagne toast, and the chef comes out to greet them with birthday cake after their meal.
French dining at the Nidom offers both warmth and refinement, and our chef’s personality shines through in every detail.

A Place for Family


Sumptuous Jingisukan Lunch

It’s been a while since their last stay at the Nidom. This time, instead of just husband and wife, three generations have come together to celebrate his 60th birthday.
They want a place where the whole family can let loose and enjoy good food and good conversation, so they choose this restaurant for its stunning view of the golf course and classic jingisukan lunch.
Our thick-cut, choice mutton is grilled to perfection over a charcoal fire for a flavor so rich and delicious it satisfies young and old alike.


Spacious Cottages Everyone Can Enjoy

They have this Eagle’s Nest cottage all to themselves – its six bedrooms are more than enough for the whole family to share.
Granddaughter can’t contain her joy as she runs from room to room exploring this lovely cottage surrounded by forest.
Even with a family spanning three generations, everyone has enough privacy, while the large central living room provides a space for shared family time.


Take a Walk in the Forest

The massive hotel grounds are full of interesting places to go for a stroll.
On their walk, they feel revitalized by the natural energy of the forest. They find wild birds and squirrels, and even glimpse some deer. There is a sense that Hokkaido’s natural beauty remains untouched at the Nidom.
The view of the lake from this pier makes it the perfect place to take a family photo. The natural beauty of the Nidom brings out a smile in everyone.