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A flower garden named Sipirka, born amid the deep forest

Sipirka, which means "really beautiful" in the Ainu language, is a flower garden amid the forest - a beautiful collaboration of an English country garden and flowers that blossom here in Hokkaido. Approximately 50 varieties of roses and 200 varieties of phlox flowers that thrive in the Hokkaido climate, bloom throughout the season.

Garden Café

Open 11:00-16:00 (tentative)
*Opening times may differ according to the season.

A café where tea and meals can be enjoyed when the garden is open. Enjoy a luxurious time surrounded by flowers after taking a stroll amid the expansive Nidom Forest.

A stroll in the Nidom Forest

A walking trail from which to enjoy the vast Nidom Forest, especially in the vicinity of Lake Tomtom. Experience at first hand Nidom's abundant natural surroundings, including a variety of trees like Sakhalin spruce, Sargent's cherry and painted maple, not to mention countless wild birds and colorful flowers, as you enjoy a stroll amid the soothing forest.

The only authenticSayuki Ueno-designed garden in central Hokkaido

Flower Garden Sipirka is also an extremely popular venue for wedding parties.The garden was designed by Sayuki Ueno, a well-known Hokkaido garden designer who also helped produce, among others, Ueno Farm in Asahikawa, Sky Garden in Sapporo, and Kaze no Garden (windy garden) in Furano, which also featured in a Japanese TV drama.

An authentic, refined garden with attention to detail, including antique bricks, wrought iron and a fountain used in the Lake District in England in the 19th century.

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