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Natural hot spring & sauna Sesekka

2015.4.25sat NEW OPEN

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Natural hot spring & sauna Sesekka
From April 29, 2017

A natural hot spring direct from the source, amid the deep forest

Natural hot spring & sauna Sesekka is a soothing spa born amid the Nidom Forest. It utilizes nothing but natural springwater from source - the sedimentary layers created by the eruptions of the Shikotsu and Tarumae volcanoes. The mildly alkaline springwater is ideal for smoothing the skin and is also effective for relieving fatigue and poor circulation. Great for beauty treatment or the perfect way to refresh yourself after a round of golf. Wedding guests who stay overnight can relax in the hot spring, which also features a Finnish-style sauna. Relax while warming your body and heart as you soothe away the fatigue.

Bubble bath with massaging effect

Finnish-style sauna

This Finnish-style sauna uses a wooden ladle known as a scoop to splash water on the sauna stones, raising the heat factor by creating steam, which increases the humidity. This is said to be the healthiest way to take a sauna. Rinse away the sweat after approximately 10 minutes and once again enter the sauna and relax while using the scoop to increase the humidity. Don't forget to drink lots of water after taking a sauna.

  • Water quality: sodium-chloride strong saline spring (mildly alkaline hypertonic hot spring)
  • Effective for a variety of ailments, including neuralgia, muscle fatigue, joint pains, frozen shoulders, bruising, sprains, recovery from fatigue, chronic digestive disorders, poor circulation and chronic skin disorders,

  • Hotel Nidom Main Building B1
  • Opening hours 14:00-23:00
  • *Opening times may change according to the season.
    Bathing fee for overnight guests: ¥850 (incl. tax and 150-yen bathing tax)
  • Please use the towels provided in the changing rooms.
  • "Those wishing to use the Thann bath amenities should take those provided in the cottage in which they are staying."
  • *Only guests of accommodation.

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